18 October 2012 Workshop Outcomes Report

The worksh181012_WorkshopOutcomesReportop on the 18th October 2013 was facilitated by the Holywell Consultancy and Louise Browne of Louise Browne Associates sought to engage the understanding, expertise, experience and creativity of a range of people with interest in the City Walls. This report, providing a baseline assessment of existing attitudes and opinions about the Walls, will be used to assess the impact that the City Walls Heritage Project will have over the next couple of years and will form an essential element in the evaluation of the project. The emerging recommendations for future action will also serve to inform the continuing work of the City Walls Heritage Project.

  Workshop Outcomes Report

City Walls Heritage Project Activity Report April-June 2013

The activity report for the period April to June 2013 can be viewed by clicking here.

Activity Report Q2 2013