Guns Drums and Sycamore Trees!


A contribution from a fan of the City Walls…

Guns Drums and Sycamore Trees!

By Michael Feeney

Captured my imagination as I stood in the breeze
Walled City Grand Parade, the love for its History could never fade.
Guns now stood silent! No cannons roar. It’s the history that surrounds then I adore.
Stood in the shade of the sycamore as I watch with heart felt pride
Marching bands rank-in-file! With dignity, respect, walk side by side

Drums that echo music in the air as it proudly celebrates
The apprentice boys of Derry and the shutting of the Gates!
Denying entry to King James soldiers and its Antrim red shanks
Before it became too late!
With great courage for the protection of the city
That could have fallen to great fate

Fourteen Sycamores their hanging leaves.
The fruits of their glamour are like bunches of keys
Representing Thirteen Keys; One for each apprentice boy
Remembered for their gallantry! We now share with pride and joy

One for James Morrison, stood on the ramparts of Ferryquay Gate
As a lookout on that day. Made it known to the Antrim’s red shanks!
They’d best be on their way.

Its past will always be present!

On the 7th of December 1688 as the Sun was high in Sky.
13 young Apprentice Boys drew their swords determent to defy!
They ran to the Main-guard seized the keys
Without hesitation, they hurried to defend
Raised the drawbridge slamming shut its gates!
With great courage and strength and locked them.

The Redshanks stared in disbelief.
Almost sixty yards away!
They stood around with the impression
That it soon be re-open. But not to their dismay!

James Morrison called out without any fear!
Be off with you, then barked the order ’’
Bring about a Great Gun here’’
This having the necessary effect on the Red shanks!
They retreated in the direction of the Foyle and its river banks
It was assured that this advanced party had a hasty retreat!
With Heart in Hand Let’s Honour our Siege Heroe’s.
Who achieved a great Defeat.


All text of “Guns Drums and Sycamore Trees!” is copyright and belongs to Michael Feene. 


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