Values Mapping Project

Space Matters.

Map of Derry~LondonderryWhat do residents and visitors of Derry/Londonderry find to be positive spaces? Where are areas that people identify as posing challenges or needing improvement? Are there patterns in how different individuals associate with certain spaces, based on characteristics such as age, gender or residential location?

Reina Chano, a graduate student in the University of Pennsylvania’s Historic Preservation program, is working with Walls400 to develop a series of maps and online platform that will serve as a visual, communicative medium to both inform and encourage public engagement in future planning and conservation related endeavors. Using the framework of Participatory Geographic Information Systems (PGIS), this project is collecting and synthesizing the values associated with the built environment of Derry/Londonderry to generate a series of maps that frame the experiential associations, or social values, of different groups in relation to the existing physical space.

Preliminary versions of these maps will be on display at the Walls400’s exhibition in late August. For more information, contact Reina Chano.